Quick keys to hyperlink hyper fast

Hyperlinks are handy ways of referencing and cross-referencing – layering up that info so readers can dig in where they need to. It’s also a great way of tidying up ugly links in emails and can give you some nice SEO juice. Here's how to get those hyperlinks in faster!

Here's a two-minute tip from WFB: get hyperlinks into your copy faster.

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Hyperlinks are clickable text that send readers to other web pages.

They’re great ways to reference and cross-reference your writing, tidy up messy links and give your copy some nice SEO juice. For example, if we were writing an email to a client about how great our copywriting is, we’d create a hyperlink out to our portfolio. Like what we did there?

To get your handy links in hyper-fast, all you need to do is highlight some text, hit COMMAND-K (CTL-K in Windows) and paste your link.

It’s pretty universal too ­­– you’ll find these quick keys work in any programme that deals with text.

Helen Steemson

The lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.