Copywriting courses

Whatever your team does, chances are they need to write. Skills and expertise can vary across organisations, creating a lack of consistency, style, and brand tone of voice. Get everyone on the same page with our interactive, in-house copywriting courses.

Training to suit every team

Whether you're in comms or marketing, our courses are relevant, engaging, practical and fun and can be tailored to your specific business needs. Our courses cover everything from copywriting best practices and mastering thought leadership content to persuasive business communication. We can combine our courses, sprinkle in custom-made content, and run regular workshops to ensure we're ticking all your training boxes. The options are endless, but the results are the same: consistent, high-quality, and on-brand writing.

What some course participants say...

“My team came back raving about how good the training session was with you the other day and about how much they are looking forward to the next one.”

Emily Blumenthal


"My team were buzzing after the course - some of their comments "I love how well she simplified concepts to make them digestible and immediately stick in your brain." "I’ll never forget this!" "My favourite session." "Just such a wonderful speaker. Was a pleasure to listen to."

Sarah Lambert


We all thoroughly enjoyed it! Helen is amazing and everyone has spoken so highly of the course.”

Jessica Wallace


Our courses cover:

Copywriting 101 – the basics

Upskill or refresh your team with our copywriting essentials course. Valuable for any team at any skill level.  

This course covers:

  • Strategy and planning – know your audience, develop key messages, and build an outline
  • Persuasion principles – core techniques for making copy more persuasive
  • Editing essentials – how to create clear and concise copy

With practical examples, one-on-one feedback to troubleshoot unique challenges and expert insider tips, this course will equip your teams to tackle any writing project.

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Develop and maintain a thought leadership position for your brand, founders, and senior leaders with a clear strategy.

This course covers:

  • Finding your niche – how to find the thought leadership position you can claim
  • Building and adhering to a content calendar – a step-by-step guide
  • Online copy essentials – crafting concise copy for the online world
  • Strengthening your position – how to support your thought leadership efforts offline

Attendees will leave with a toolbox of templates, checklists, and information to help tell the story of your business and its leaders to build a reputation industry frontrunners.

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Influential writing for business comms

This course is a great refresher or upskill opportunity for comms teams. They will learn and develop skills to write the most effective, persuasive, and consistent copy to help influence internal and external stakeholders.

This course covers:

  • Strategic message planning – deciding on angles to deliver for maximum impact
  • Editing essentials – how to create clear and concise writing
  • Persuasion techniques– principles for getting action from your readers
  • Rules for email and internal chats that build teamwork and understanding

With practical examples and one-on-one help in the sessions, your team will gain valuable insights and on-the-job learning.

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Custom copywriting courses

All businesses and teams come with different writing skills and requirements. That’s why we offer to customise any of our course content for your business, teams and unique challenges.

Want to teach your teams how to effectively use AI when writing? No problem. Want your customer service teams to know the best way to speak to a customer? We’ve got you covered. Want to write effective social posts or learn how to create a cohesive content strategy? We’d love to show you.

Just brief us on what you need, and we’ll create the custom course material.

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Course options

All our courses can be run either in person or online, to groups of up to 15 or one-on-one.

Group Training

  • In-house or online
  • 15-20 people
  • 6-7 hours total
  • In-house – one full day or two half days
  • Online – four two-hour sessions

6-7 hours



One-on-one Training

  • Live online only
  • 4 hours total
  • One-hour sessions run over four weeks

4 hours



Online and ondemand – take it at your own pace

Copywriting 101 – The Basics is available as an on-demand series. Learn copywriting at your own pace, with direct contact and feedback from our highly-regarded trainer, Helen Steemson. Watch pre-recorded lectures, notes and exercises, then submit your work for review.





About the tutor and course facilitator - Helen Steemson

All our courses are developed and run by Helen Steemson, WFB’s founder and copywriting trainer for the Marketing Association’s insanely popular Secret Sauce of Copywriting. She also did stints teaching copywriting at Auckland University of Technology.

After ten years running courses for some of New Zealand’s largest brands, including ASB, Sovereign Insurance, Griffin’s Food Company, Lotto NZ, and Farmers NZ, Helen believes that with a bit of help, anyone can learn to express themselves clearly in writing.

As creative director at Words for Breakfast, her skills are constantly sharpened at the coalface of the industry.