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Take copywriting and content generation off your to-do list. Whether you’re selling a product, a service or a movement, we find the words to connect your brand and your target audience. With writing that’s cleverly crafted and benefit-led, let the words do the selling for you.

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Web copy

SEO web copy isn’t about writing for computers. It’s about understanding your audience and crafting content that will be the most useful to them – luckily, that’s what we’ve been doing this whole time. We’ll help move you up in the search rankings, lower bounce rates and improve the quantity and quality of your leads.

Blog posts

Get fresh content up on your site regularly and make Google and your sales team love you. We’ll help you brainstorm the topics, put together a plan and deliver blogs monthly, so you get them in your inbox right when you need them (we can help pop them on your site, too).

Case studies / Customer success stories

There’s nothing more powerful than someone else singing your praises. Fill the top of your marketing funnel and bring in the leads with case studies – we’ll interview your team and your clients, then craft a story around their comments.

Guides, whitepapers & eBooks

Building trust, educating, growing leads – sharing your expertise can add value to your business in lots of ways. We turn your industry smarts into insightful, interesting content that people will actually want to read.

Emails & newsletters

Want emails that stand out in the scroll? Whether you’re nurturing customers through a journey, generating leads or sending out monthly newsletters, we can make sure you get the opens and engagement you need.

Social media posts

Keep the conversation moving and your brand visible, wherever your audience is lurking. We can deliver monthly posts or an ongoing content schedule for LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

RFPs, pitches & awards

Like any copy, text for RFPs, pitches and awards should be built around who’s reading, and how you can get them on side. That approach creates writing that’s refreshingly easy to read, avoids the corporate buzzword trap, and stands out from the competition.

Internal & customer comms

Onboarding emails, templated customer call scripts, employee handbooks – these are just some of the comms we’ve developed for customers over the years. With a handy library of perfectly crafted communications, you reduce time, effort and annoying mix-ups.  

UI copy

People expect great things from their browsers and mobile apps – and that includes great writing. Our UI copy has demonstrably improved app usability and conversions for several high-profile brands. We can do it for yours too.

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Ad copy

Even in the world of content, sometimes what you need is a smart banner ad, a funny radio script or clever print campaign. Luckily, our team includes award-winning advertising copywriters who can create whatever you need.

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"They have played a huge part in shaping the Squirrel brand personality."