Four reasons to book a copywriting course

Our copywriting courses improve writing speed, quality and confidence. They’ll also help make every bit of writing more persuasive and more on-brand.

More than just better writing

Writing an email, crafting a proposal or knocking out some social posts – in every department, your people are doing one thing: writing.

Over more than ten years, we’ve facilitated copywriting workshops – for industrial engineers in Hawke's Bay, government agencies in Wellington and biscuit makers in Auckland – and each one has seen improvements in writing speed, quality, confidence and overall productivity.

But we’ve also heard feedback telling us the benefits go far beyond just improved writing.

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1: Better team alignment

When your team or teams from across your business learn together, they get on the same page, sometimes literally. They’ll know what ‘good’ looks like for their brand, use the same language to talk about writing, and follow the same process. This reduces a lot of back and forth and makes feedback more constructive.

2: Stay on brand

If yours is like most bigger businesses, the writing that comes out of one part of your organisation will often sound different from another. That creates a confusing brand presence, lower audience engagement and less cut-through. In our copywriting courses, participants learn strategies for developing or understanding the brand voice – and then, how to write for it.

3: More impactful writing

The most impactful writing isn’t just well crafted – it’s also strategically sound. Your team will learn how to use the planning process to ensure every writing piece is on target, on point and as effective as possible.

4: Make better use of AI

The bots are here – does your team know how to make the best use of them? Right now, the generative AI tools are still fairly rudimentary, so users will need a clear idea of strategy and key messages for each piece. Crafting prompts is also a skill in itself. Once you get a first draft out, there’s still more to do. The copywriting course will give your team the critical editing skills they need to take the generic, off-brand messaging and make it engaging and effective.


About the trainer – Helen Steemson

Over more than a decade, Helen has delivered highly successful courses for some of New Zealand’s largest brands, including ASB, Westpac, Foodstuffs, Sovereign Insurance, Griffin’s Food Company, Lotto NZ and Farmers NZ. She designed and facilitated Marketing NZ’s most popular course, where thousands of participant surveys have only ever scored her very good or excellent in every category. Helen also spent some successful stints teaching copywriting at Auckland University of Technology. As creative director of Words for Breakfast, her skills are constantly sharpened at the coalface of the industry.

So, it’s true. We’ll teach you about commas and how to make copy tighter and easier to read. But, investing in a copywriting course will help make every bit of writing more persuasive and more on brand. It’ll also minimise team infighting and equip your company to leverage AI.

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Helen Steemson

The lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.