WFB Customer Story - Building Datamine’s Founder Brand

A well-crafted founder brand is a valuable marketing asset. Read how WFB helps Datamine’s Paul O’Connor turn his story into content that connects.

Founder brand – in every business, there’s a story waiting to be told.

When Paul O’Connor founded Datamine in 1995, the world wasn’t quite ready for his obsession with data analytics. But that didn’t stop him from satiating his appetite for innovation. It’s what led him to discover exactly what his market needed – accessible, enablement-focused analytics services.

Still at the helm of the business, Paul’s story is interlinked with Datamine’s – working closely with Paul to discover his personal brand meant we could turn his personality and story into strategic content marketing.

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The great news is that the content is already working its magic.

“I’ve seen an uptick in the number of people visiting my profile but also reaching out to connect with me; people I’ve been connected to for years but never really had a meaningful conversation with,” says Paul.

Here’s how that process goes:

Discovery workshop

We spend time with the founder or senior people, exploring their history, character, philosophy and opinions. This will also cover who and why we’ll be targeting with the founder brand, some initial content pillars and a list of any must-go or no-go topics.

We’ll provoke thought, find areas of passion, and unpick connections between the business and personal lives.

Insight pillars and content calendars

Now, it’s our turn to knuckle down. We combine everything we learned to build a plan – content pillars, subcategories, topics and a content calendar.

This forms the road map for founders or senior leaders to own their thought leadership space.

“With Helen’s help, I’m digging deeper into Datamine’s philosophy and sharing that. Right now, that looks like LinkedIn posts, but we’re discussing how we can use that content on our website, too,” says Paul.

We can create a monthly to-do schedule to help the founder systematically build and grow engagement on their chosen platform. We’ll also recommend any web pages, presentations, social profiles, blogs or guides that will add to the strategy.

Ongoing recalibration

Each month, we’ll continue recalibrating the strategy. We’ll check in to learn about new developments and shifts in thinking to evolve pillars and topics as needed. We also look industry-wide to gather news items, reports and recent thinking around the content pillars to push thinking forward and unlock new areas of storytelling.


Harness the power of your founder brand

A well-crafted founder brand can help amplify brand awareness while building trust and credibility with your customers.

And, as Paul from Datamine has found, it can also generate some real leads.

“It’s led to some interesting sales opportunities, so it’s been a good return on investment,”

Not sure how to tell your story? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. Hit up the WFB team today.

Jess Perenara

Creative Director with a degree in communications and experience in various marketing roles, Jess brings deep, strategic thinking to her copy.