Copywriting course – upskill your staff and grow your business

Copywriting is the art of selling through words. It’s persuading someone to take action – to inform, advise and ultimately to influence. So, there’s a bit more to it than first meets the eye. Here are the top five benefits we see people getting from copywriting course.

Benefits of a copywriting course for your staff

There’s a huge benefit to your business to upskill your staff in copywriting – even those that don’t seem to be in writing roles will be spending an awful lot of time writing. It’s no wonder that 73% of employers are looking for people who can write. I’ve run my popular copywriting course for nearly a decade, teaching everyone from scientists to marketing interns, and all of them walked away tools and techniques they could immediately apply to their writing. I hear back from lots of participants too – here are the top five benefits we staff getting from our copywriting courses.

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Your staff will enjoy the writing more

Writing is often people’s least favourite part of their job. No one gets around to writing their monthly blog, report writing is always left to the last minute, and even the thought of starting that RFP is such a drag. People tie themselves into knots and go around in circles, and then feel like they have nothing to show for it. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Solution: a copywriting course will teach your team a structure to follow each time. This demystifies the process, gives people more confidence and makes the whole thing easier, which of course makes the job more fun. More understanding equals an easier job, and easier jobs equal less stress and more fun.

Writing projects will get done faster

Your team members are busy. They’re up against deadlines and constantly scrambling to get things done on time. With a deadline looming, they feel like they don’t have time to plan a writing piece, so they rush at the writing task like a bull at a gate. And yet, they still may find they go around in circles and involve management and other staff in rounds of changes.

Solution: it’s counterintuitive, but slowing down and taking time in the planning phase will speed the whole process up. A copy course helps people see that and resources them with the skills they need to make their writing more efficient so they produce better copy faster, avoiding all that time-wasting rework.

You’ll see better writing coming from the team

This is an obvious one. But how will your staff know how to write good copy if they’ve never been taught? Feeling their way through and hoping to get it right isn’t an option – it’s a big waste of time that’ll leave you with stressed staff and poor writing. And that’s not a good look for your business.

Solution: when your team knows what to tick off in each piece of copy, they’ll nail all the elements of great writing – on-message, targeted to the right people, written with a good angle, with excellent flow and tightly on-brand. There’s a lot that goes into an excellent bit of writing, but courses teach people all those elements, so they can focus on practising and refining the skills.

Your team will work better together, with aligned processes

Perhaps you’re finding there’s one team member who never seems to ‘get’ it, or that there’s a constant conflict about what ‘right’ looks like in your communications. Maybe a manager judges writing based on personal preferences rather than according to the brand and target audience. Could be you haven’t agreed internally on who exactly you’re writing for or what the brand tone is. This all sounds very messy, confusing and stressful.

Solution: getting your team aligned on how to approach writing, the steps involved and agreeing on strategies is critical. If you put your staff through a copywriting course, everyone is going to be on the same page. Aligned processes equal smoother workflow which all adds up to better and more consistent writing and happier teammates.

Ultimately, you’ll see business growth

You’re asking your team to write because you want to persuade and influence the reader. But… how do you be persuasive? There are some key techniques and systems that make convincing copy, and just reading about them in a blog will only take you so far.

Solution: a copywriting course gives your team the tools to write persuasively. They’ll be equipped with the best practices to ensure their writing is going to do what it’s meant to do – sell.

Build your staff’s knowledge and grow your business

The benefits of upskilling your staff with a copywriting course are endless – get better results in your business, create a smoother workflow and happier staff who enjoy what they’re doing. It’s like riding a bike – once you know, it’s easy and fun. Everything flows. But first, someone has to show you how.

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Helen Steemson

The lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.