WFB Customer Story - WFB helps MYOB bring its content plan to life

Our long-standing relationship with MYOB began in the enterprise space, where we created guides and thought leadership articles. Word spread about us, and now we write for every marketing team in the business. Here’s why.

It was so long ago that some of us might not even remember, but MYOB was one of New Zealand’s earliest tech successes.

In 1992, we were all working out this computer thing, and MYOB was bookkeeping software you could buy in a box off the shelf. It was – quite genuinely – revolutionary.

Its initial niche was small businesses, but it didn’t stay there for long, expanding its offering to cater to mid-large businesses and accountants. And like pavlova, Phar Lap and Crowded House, Australia nicked it. Just four years after launch, MYOB was named Telstra Australian Business of the Year.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with the MYOB Enterprise team since 2016 and spoke to Serena Nance, its Content and Events Marketing Manager, about her experiences working with the WFB team.

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Jumping on board with big changes

Serena joined MYOB while the company was rearranging its internal structure. Serena did some rearranging of her own, flipping the way her department approached customer success stories and creating a content strategy.

“WFB was on board and energised,” she says. “Then we started talking about nurture journeys for leads, and I was really excited to brief that work to them. WFB went above and beyond.”

She points to one recent example, where she tasked us to write a summary document within 24 hours of a virtual event. We got an overview and keynote slides, wrote a skeleton outline for the designer, and then dialled into the event.

“They knew what I was after and how to make it exciting for people. We got the first draft within 24 hours – most agencies couldn’t manage that fast turnaround.”

The document did what Serena wanted it to do.

“In the post-event emails, double the number of people downloaded the booklet than watched the webinar on playback. We’re also using that booklet on social as a lead gen.”

Making life easy

While the quality of the writing is always top of the importance pile, Serena says our magic sauce is really about our processes and communication.

“The whole Words For Breakfast team has been really great to work with. I see them as an extension of the MYOB Enterprise content team.”

Based in Australia, Serena was initially hesitant about working with a New Zealand-based team. She soon found that the time difference and distance didn’t add complexity.

“I quickly had those concerns soothed within a couple of months of working with them. And then COVID hit, and when we transitioned to working from home, there was no change with how we worked.”

Freelancer expertise, agency continuity

Serena loves that we offer “a nice balance” between working with a freelance writer and an agency.

“Freelancers come in and out, whereas WFB leverages ongoing learning across projects. You have the benefit of account managers to keep things moving, but I can still talk directly to the writer if I need to."

“With a larger agency, changes would take days. With WFB, I can email and sometimes, within a few minutes, it’s changed and ready to go.”

Spreading the word about WFB

Initially, WFB worked just with MYOB’s Enterprise team, but other teams in the business soon started to get in touch. That’s because the Enterprise team had built a reputation for its content quality.

“I started to get questions about it: ‘Where did you get that content from? I’ve heard the content is converting – how did you do that?’ So, I started introducing colleagues to WFB.”

Serena explained how she’d been working with WFB – that she could hand over a detailed brief or let WFB run with a topic.

“My colleagues are time-poor, so hearing you took a lot of research burden off my plate, they were excited about that as well.”

Now WFB works across the MYOB business with multiple teams coming to us for blogs, guides, video scripts and more.

“I’m hesitant to recommend third parties to other people in the business. It’s my reputation that’s on the line. So, if I say they’re good, I honestly have to believe it,” Serena says.

Better quality, better engagement

While WFB’s copy is only as good as the strategy and implementation of a campaign, we’re so proud to be part of the MYOB Enterprise team’s success. They’ve seen “a significant increase in all the important engagement metrics” – more eBook downloads, clicks through to content we produced, and time spent on page, to name a few.  

“Increasing the engagement leads to a larger awareness audience, which is critical to building the lead nurture funnel,” Serena adds. “It’s been so great to have you help bring our content strategy into reality – it’s giving us such great results.”

The MYOB content goodness

  • Improved engagement
  • A crucial part of delivering a record-setting increase in the awareness audience
  • Great communication makes us an extension of MYOB’s team
  • The right balance between freelancer efficiency and agency continuity

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Helen Steemson

The lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.