WFB Customer Story - when great copy and great design collide

Award-winning design agency RedSpark Creative know how to turn design briefs into unforgettable brands. When the brief requires engaging, on-brand copy to match, they call on us.

It’s quite normal for RedSpark Creative’s clients to turn up at its doorstep with a design brief that also requires some copy work – something that they have always outsourced. Since 2015, Words for Breakfast (WFB) has been working with the creative agency to ensure its clients have on-brand, engaging copy for their design projects.

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Design for brands with spark

Getting your brand to stand out from the crowd is so much more than just pretty pictures. It takes a certain amount of creative energy and an eye for detail to take what a brand stands for and represent it in an authentic way.

But that’s exactly where RedSpark Creative excels.

Husband-and-wife duo Ross and Angela Murray launched RedSpark Creative in 2007. The couple have 30 years experience in helping their clients build unforgettable brands and boost sales – and they’ve got the list of client names to prove it.

Today, the small but powerful agency is well-known across New Zealand and the US for its love of creative challenges (and coffee!), expertly turning design briefs into strategically led, award-winning creative.

Our long-standing relationship with RedSpark Creative started way back in 2015 – and there have been quite a few projects since then. We had a chat with Angela, Client Services Manager, about her experience working with the WFB team.

A chance encounter leads to +7-year collab

A powerhouse of creativity, RedSpark Creative can turn its hand to pretty much any visual branding or marketing communications challenge. But as Angela explains, it’s not just about the aesthetic.

“We always talk to our clients about the importance of getting the messaging right too. The way they communicate, their tone and language are critical to crafting design that resonates with the target audience.”

A chance meeting with WFB Director Helen Steemson was the start of an ongoing, symbiotic partnership.

“I just loved her vibe,” Angela says. “Plus, I’d heard from other people who had worked with WFB how fantastic she was. It doesn’t matter what the tone of voice or copy requirements are – WFB always hit the mark.”

On brief, quick turnaround

It’s quite normal for RedSpark Creative's clients to turn up at their doorstep with a design brief that also requires some copy work – something that Ange and Ross have always outsourced.

Over the years, the team has worked with several freelance copywriters and run into challenges like, “waiting three or four months for copy – that drove us crazy!”

When the first project Angela sent our way was back in her inbox within a couple of days, she says working with us became a “no-brainer”.

“We don’t charge our clients until the project is 100% complete, so the faster we get the copy, the quicker we can complete the design aspects for our client, and that means we get paid on time."

“WFB makes it easy for us.”

Angela appreciates how easy it is for her clients to work with us in whatever way works best for them – whether that’s picking up the phone and speaking directly with the client or working behind the scenes.

“They love that they can just sit down for an interview, and the WFB team can translate that conversation into copy that speaks directly to their target audience.”

Even when projects are a little finicky, Angela is confident the copy will be on-brand and hit the brief.

“I get high praise from all the copy that WFB has written. In fact, we had one client come back and say they only want to work with Helen and her team because they were so thrilled with what you’d done.”

Simple process without the stress

Angela says WFB is set apart because we can offer both quality copy and on-the-ball communication. While our writers focus on wordsmithing, our account managers make sure every project is delivered on time and on brief.

“It’s great having an account manager I can call or email and know that I’m going to get a response pretty much straightaway.”

"Anything that alleviates stress or makes life easier for RedSpark Creative's clients is a win in my book", she adds.

“My favourite thing is that I know when I get the copy, there’s not a lot of back and forth, which allows our process to continue. That means we can get through more jobs and provide an even better service to our clients.”

Singing our praises

While we’ll happily admit we’re pretty good at what we do, we also know that the only way a partnership can stand the test of time is through trust. That’s why we treat every one of RedSpark Creative's clients as our own, and work with them in a way that makes their lives easier.

“Often times, our clients say that they’re thrilled with what WFB has done, that the process was easy – and ‘They just got me’.

“It’s for those reasons we recommend WFB and will continue to do so. As designers, there’s nothing that makes our lives easier than when you’re working with great copy.”

Highlights working with WFB on their design projects are:

- Fast turnaround on projects

- Quality, on-brand copy that speaks directly to client’s target audience

- Easy to work with for both RedSpark Creative and direct with their clients

- On-the-ball account management streamlines briefing process and makes communication a breeze

- Great copy + great design = happy clients and top-notch projects

Jess Perenara

Creative Director with a degree in communications and experience in various marketing roles, Jess brings deep, strategic thinking to her copy.