Why growth marketing managers are putting more spend into content writing

Here’s everything you need to know about the role of a growth marketing manager and how content writing is the key their success.

We’ve come a long way since the early noughties when simply having your business on the internet was huge for growth. The digital age has inspired more and more people – and businesses – to get online. That’s great for business, but it also means a lot more competition.

It’s why growth marketing managers are taking centre stage in helping companies grow. According to the Harvard Business Review, every company should have one. They have one goal – to nurture and inspire more growth within a company – and recently, growth marketing managers are giving more budget to content writing to help do just that.

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Growth marketing versus traditional marketing – what’s the difference?

Marketing is about gaining exposure and growing business. So what makes growth marketing any different? It’s about speed.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing focuses on building brand awareness and mass communication. It takes time and money. Traditional marketing is, in a nutshell, just that – traditional. There’s not a lot of room for change, new ideas or being experimental. It relies on the same tried and true methods to help grow business.

Growth marketing

Traditional marketing strategies – the kind that take a long time and a lot of money – don’t work for small companies, especially start-ups that need massive growth, fast. Growth marketing fills that gap. It’s all about experimenting with new ideas, strategies and approaches, pivoting to things that work and dropping things that don’t. As the founder of the growth marketing concept, Sean Ellis, said:

“If you’re not running experiments, you’re probably not growing.”

Growth marketers run their experiments using data rather than the instinct needed in traditional marketing.

So what does a growth marketing manager do?

A growth marketing manager’s role is multi-faceted. They’re experts in lots of different areas of a company and tie the loose ends together to drive growth. They’re in charge of increasing business revenue through acquiring – and retaining – new customers cost-effectively.

It’s a growth marketer’s job to come up with creative marketing strategies to expand business growth. Their role is all about tapping into the minds of their customers. They think about the psychology of the human brain – and use that to drive measurable results. But more than just thinking with the heart, they use data to identify customer patterns and drive their decisions – enhancing business growth.  

One of the best ways they do that? Written content.

How content writing helps business growth

At WFB, the amount of content writing we’re producing for our clients has ramped up hugely recently. People trust written content over traditional marketing, which means a blog, case study or article is a more effective way to reach your audience. It’s also much more cost-effective – content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates three times as many leads.

Content marketing is a valuable tool for testing the waters to see what marketing gels with your audience and what topics are speaking to your readers. It’s also easy to analyse data from a recent blog post or case study and whether or not it’s had a good conversion rate to your website.

A good blog post with captivating content engages your audience. Research shows that companies with written content produce 67% more monthly leads on average, compared to those without it. Blogs drive people to your website, make them aware of your brand and, ideally, turn them into customers – growing your client base and ultimately, your whole company.

Content writing to help grow your business

We’ve recently seen a huge rise in working with growth marketing managers – as more and more realise the benefits that content writing has for growing business. With 89% of content marketers using blog posts in their content creation strategy in 2020, it’s no wonder growth marketing managers are choosing to spend their budget on professional copywriting – and keep up with the competition.

We love being part of helping businesses grow and succeed – get in touch to see how we can help you.

Jess Perenara

Creative Director with a degree in communications and experience in various marketing roles, Jess brings deep, strategic thinking to her copy.