Content marketing: it’s cheap and really pulls its weight

Even with a lean marketing budget, content reigns supreme.

If you do one thing, do content marketing

We work with clients up and down the budget spectrum who all report excellent results – and that’s because content marketing is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing that consistently delivers results.

Here's how that works.

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Content marketing is cheeeeeeaaaap

Good content marketing will cost time or resource (or both), but it's far, far cheaper than any other kind of marketing.

It’s been reported that content marketing costs about 62% less than other traditional marketing tactics, and it generates about three times as many leads. That’s because, rather than paying exorbitant rates for ads that may or may not land in front of the right audience, you’re providing people with relevant and useful information – and that’s a big drawcard.

That’s a tick in the cost-effective column. But what about effectiveness?

7 reasons content marketing is so effective

When marketing your brand, the key is finding a balance between cost and results. If you’re limited by budget or simply new to the market (and growth is the main goal), then you need to maximise ROI by using the most effective strategies that deliver consistent results – for the least amount of money.

Here’s how content marketing does that:

1. Boost brand awareness

You know you’ve got to get your brand out there – customers won’t know you exist if you don’t. Creating high-quality content on topics your target audience is interested in will elevate your visibility and make your brand memorable.

2. Drive traffic directly to your website

Cracking Google can be a little overwhelming, but we have some good news. Despite its ever-changing algorithm, Google loves content and its one goal is to provide searchers with the information they need.

Effectively match relevant content to what your customers are searching for, and you’ll not only improve your SEO, but you’ll likely see 55% more website visitors than those that don’t regularly load blogs.

3. Build trust, loyalty and advocacy

In a world where customers are bombarded with sales advertising, content marketing can be a refreshing change. Rather than asking people for their hard-earned cash, you’re giving them something valuable. That goes a long way towards building brand trust and credibility – and over time, customer loyalty and advocacy.  

4. Helps you learn more about your customers

Any marketing strategy is only as strong as the results that can be measured. Content marketing allows you to be more agile by gaining valuable insights into your customers – click-through rates tell you what is catching people’s attention, time on page demonstrates whether your content is engaging and CTAs can be used to measure conversion.

5. Enhances the quality of sales leads

61% of customers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they’re more likely to buy from them. Content marketing can be used at every stage of the sales funnel, so long as it’s highly relevant, of course.

Think blog posts, videos and social media content at the top for education, eBooks and downloadable templates in the middle to capture customer details and customer testimonials and tutorials at the bottom.

6. Can be repurposed to maximise ROI

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing that only last for the one campaign, content marketing can be used over and over and over again.

For example, an eBook can be repurposed into several blogs and social media posts. It can be shared via eDM and could double as sales collateral. The initial investment you make has a much longer lifespan, so you get more bang for your buck.  

7. Continues to deliver over time

Unlike advertising campaigns, content marketing is in it for the long haul. Create a stellar piece of content and you’ll continue to reap the rewards many years down the track.

Keep marketing costs low, drive trust and sales high

The true value of content marketing lies in the engagement it facilitates between your business and your customers. Create the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with them, and they’ll return the favour – both in sales and customer loyalty. And if being less expensive and more effective wasn’t enough, content marketing is something you can get started quickly.

We do everything from content strategy and blog packages to video script writing. If you need writing to complement your content marketing, get in touch.

Jess Perenara

Creative Director with a degree in communications and experience in various marketing roles, Jess brings deep, strategic thinking to her copy.