How three different companies claimed their thought-leadership positions

Here’s how we helped three wildly different brands position themselves as thought leaders.

Would a thought-leadership strategy work for your business? You're right.

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What’s more important than your industry is that you have the foundational elements correct– you or your brand is truly expert, you've spotted a unique niche, and you’reready to give away your expertise fearlessly.

We’ve been working in this space for years now, and here’s how we helped three widely different clients position themselves as thought leaders.

Ecrotek – the go-to for hobby beekeepers

When we started working with Ecrotek, it was already the biggest supplier of bee keeping equipment in New Zealand, with eyes on the Australian market. Its niche was supporting the very newest hobby apiarists – it wanted to give away its expertise and claim the space as a thought leader.

“In a flooded market, where you’ve got more competitors coming in, our content is the winner– when they go to buy, they’ve already got us top of mind. It’s about building confidence through content,” says Rob Owens.

Working with the WFB team made the process simple.

“We’ve had great success with our articles over the past year and would like to thank you and the team for all the effort pulling these together – they really came to the rescue,” says Rob.

Then marketing and product intern Ashleigh Cole says the engagement shows her the content is working.

“They’re responding and interacting with each article – I get at least four or five shares per post and comments as well. There are always people tagging others, saying, ‘Oh, look at this’, and asking questions and engaging,” she says.

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Tradify – leaders in better business for tradies

Tradify’s thought-leadership niche is broad – help tradies run their businesses. As business management software designed just for tradies, it was well-positioned to do so.

We work with the team to create a stream of content that adds value for the audience, helping Tradify build trust and brand loyalty. That leadership position makes Tradify a choice when tradies look for job management software.

The results speak for themselves, says Content Marketing Manager Andrew Wassenaar.

“There’s been massive growth in the blog this year, based on last year’s work. It’s executing on my strategy, but you have to have the content, and it has to be quality,” Andrew says. 

Here’s a snapshot of the year-on-year results: 

  • 75% increase in blog impressions 
  • 66% increase in blog traffic 
  • 90% increase in non-brand traffic 
  • 53% increase for non-brand keywords
“Words for Breakfast has become an important extension of our content team. It’s helped us produce a far greater volume of quality articles, and the value to the company is clear in our high-level results,” adds Sarah Berkowski, Chief Revenue Officer.

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MYOB – mastering the business space

Business management software is hotly contested. While MYOB already had a running start, it grew into new areas, serving more audiences than its original SME market.

At first, WFB worked with MYOB’s Enterprise team to create valuable resources, advice and insight, giving value to its larger business audience while subtly demonstrating the company's expertise.

It worked so well that teams in charge of marketing to SMEs and accounting firms started to get in touch. The company’s then content and events marketing manager for enterprise, Serena Nance, said she began to get questions.

“‘Where did you get that content from? I’ve heard the content is converting – how did you do that?’ So, I started introducing colleagues to WFB.”

Now, WFB works across the MYOB business with multiple teams coming to us for blogs, guides, video scripts and more.

“I’m hesitant to recommend third parties to other people in the business. It’s my reputation that’s on the line. So, if I say they’re good, I honestly have to believe it,” Serena says.

The results have been strong. While our copy is only one element of the overarching strategy, MYOB is seeing improved engagement and a record-setting increase in audience awareness.

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Helen Steemson

The lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.