Getting people excited about Goody

We created web copy and case studies that clearly outlined the Goody system and its benefits.

Getting clear on Goody

Goody Card is a new way for businesses to reward their loyal customers – it means business owners can do away with expensive loyalty schemes, while still getting the benefit of collected customer data. As for any new platform, that takes a bit of explaining. Goody Card also wanted to talk to both businesses and the GoodyCard users – their customers.

Setting Goody up for success

We created web copy and case studies that clearly outline the Goody system and its benefits. While the proposition (and the site) is still evolving, that work set a strong foundation and we made it simple for the Goody Card team. They signed it off with their client, handed us the contact details and we did the rest.

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Katie Yeung

Daisy by Katie Yeung, Owner

The Words for Breakfast team are a joy to work with. They require minimal briefing, are pro-active and perfectly capture our branding language. We have used them time and time again and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

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