More click-throughs, traffic and engagement for Promapp.

Once in a while, we come across a company that really demonstrates that Kiwi ingenuity we all keep talking about.

Like Promapp, the mapping processes software that is now part of global giant Nintex. The system works by making it easy to get critical information out of people’s heads and into a format where it can be accessed by every level of a business.

Proving what everyone just claims

Promapp set itself apart by being way simpler to use than any of its competitors. But, doesn’t everyone say that about their software?

That was the challenge. Its point of difference was something that everyone already claimed. Promapp had to show how much simpler, more valuable and more intuitive its software really was.

Show, don’t tell with case studies

We were briefed to write case studies, so its customers could show how Promapp streamlined their workflow, built efficiencies and added to their bottom line.

End  to end management

Promapp  was busy growing, so was happy we could manage everything. They’d send us a  client’s contact info with any particular details they wanted to cover, and  we’d book in a call.

Compelling case studies

A half-hour interview with the clients would give us the full story along with juicy quotes.

We’d craft them into shape.

Thought leadership articles

Our writing also supporting the sales team. We created articles to share on LinkedIn, guides to add value for customers and smart advice blogs from Promapp’s CEO.

Telling stories is good for business

Promapp has seen incredible success. It sold for an estimated US$30 million, and we’re so glad to have been a tiny part of that.

Promapp’s then chief marketing officer Sarah Berkowski attributed some great results to their case studies, like improved email open and click-through rates, better engagement and more web traffic.

“We’ve now got more compelling content to share on social channels like LinkedIn. This helps keep us top of mind with prospects,” said Sarah. “And, because we store the case studies on the website, the content helps drive additional traffic and downloads.”

They also saw more enquiries and requests for info.

“This provides our sales team with the opportunity to engage directly with a prospective client.”

Open-rates improved

More warm leads


More traffic  

Better engagement

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