Ecrotek: content leader, customer winner

Regular blogging was a key part of building SEO, engagement and conversions – and capturing the target at the right time and place.

Creating a buzz with regular blogging

Ecrotek is the biggest supplier of beekeeping equipment in New Zealand. When hobbyist apiarists started their journey and were beginning to look online, Ecrotek wanted to be everywhere they looked, becoming the familiar, trusted brand. To Rob Owens, product and marketing manager, the answer is content. In the past, he says, the supplier always had the information, but the power has shifted. Now, so often, the customer has a lot of information, sometimes even more than the supplier. It means suppliers need to do more to build trust.

“In a flooded market, where you’ve got more competitors coming in, the content leader is often going to be the customer winner.”

In September 2017, he gave us a call with a plan.

“We’re trying to pop up when people search beekeeping, so when they go to buy, they’ve already got us top of mind. It’s about building confidence through content,” says Rob.

Content proves effective

When content is pushed live it gets an immediate response.

“I get at least 4-5 shares per post and comments as well. There are always people tagging others, saying ‘Oh look at this’, and asking questions and engaging,” Ashleigh says.

Collaboration on topics

TheWFB and Ecrotek teams worked together to come up with and develop blog topics to attract hobbyist beekeepers. That also made it easier for marketing and product intern Ashleigh Cole.

“The team is always so helpful. It’s very collaborative. I don’t feel like I’m just telling them what to do – it’s a two-way street,” she explains.

WFB owns the research

Rob particularly liked how we worked to upskill in their industry, so we could contribute great ideas and conduct our own research.

That means the blogs are one less thing for Rob to think about.

“It’s set and forget for me,” he says.

Results are unbelievable

It’s been a big journey for Ecrotek as they built their business, and it’s only going to get better with content that’s clearly on the mark.

“Our audience is really responding and interacting with each article, so it’s obviously good content for our customer base. It also ties in really well with our Adwords,” Ashleigh says.

Rob says users are up, and their quest for domination is in sight – and he credits part of that success to having WFB in the mix.

“While what Words forBreakfast did was part of a bigger picture, they really came to the rescue to work with us on our content programme,” says Rob.

“We’ve had great success with our articles over the past year and would like to thank you and the team for all efforts pulling these together.”

Market leaders

Seamless process

Set & Forget

Increased User Base

Rory Moss

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