Daisy by Katie Yeung – web copy and blogs

Designer Katie Yeung needed a new website and blogs for hernew approach to wedding gowns.

Bridal beauty for every body

If you’ve ever read a bridal magazine you’d be forgiven for thinking that only one kind of bride need apply. Brides, they would have you believe, are white and thin. They don’t have short hair, wear glasses, have tattoos or wear anything other than the prescribed bridal white.

Daisy had something different to say. There, all brides of all shapes, sizes and styles aren’t just welcomed, but celebrated.

Web copy

We created the web copy to reflect that position, with a fresh, friendly tone, based on Daisy’s bubbly designer.

Daisy needed to feel light and approachable, while still celebrating the specialness of each upcoming wedding.

Radio ads, video scripts

Writing their new web copy was our first project with Daisy. We also wrote blogs that helped spread the word about the brand’s unique point of view.

Gown descriptions

Daisy connects with their audience online, so gown imagery and descriptions needed to do them justice. We described their collections with a mix of technical specifics and romantic detailing.

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